Conveyor belt

Transportation with care

Technical specifications

• A self-supporting 304 stainless steel chassis equipped with a hydraulic lift mounted on braked swivel castors with stainless steel yokes and rubber wheels.
• Food-grade PVC belt with curved cleats.
• A custom mechanism for the instantaneous loosening and tightening of the belt without tools.
• A motor placed at the foot of the belt ensuring perfect stability of the unit.
• A lightweight housing, free of any accumulation areas, easily accessible by a water jet.
• All stainless steel parts are supplied with a microblasted finish.
• A 50 mm mason drainage tap at the bottom.

Additional equipment

Electronic variable speed

Adjustable chute

Horizontal translation system

Pantograph system

Cylinder stroke multiplication

Crusher support

Removable tool-free flexible chute

Special hopper extension

Reverse direction of operation

Available only with electronic variable speed

Special frame

Special hopper


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