Vibrating hopper

Sorting, draining and regulating

Technical specifications

The hopper spreads the harvest across the entire width of a sorting table. It separates and isolates the freed juices and removes small particles (dry grapes, verjuice, stems).
• A stainless steel chassis with braked castors and rubber wheels.
• A vibrating hopper.
• A removable stainless steel grid with an opening of 3, 5 or 7 mm. The operator can therefore modify the machine according to the application for which it is intended or the type of harvest to be processed in less than 2 minutes, thanks to the locking toggles.
• A removable bin that collects juices and solid particles by separating them through a stainless steel grid.

Additional equipment

Output chute

Evacuation screw

Flexible worm screw with geared motor and electrical connection
Perforated and microblasted stainless steel trough

Stainless steel hopper grid

Available with 3mm, 5mm or 7mm openings

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Sorting, draining and regulating