Helical rotor pump

Versatile and gentle

Technical specifications

• Chassis made of 304 stainless steel on rubber wheeled castors (2 fixed castors & 2 swivel castors with brakes).
• 4Kw geared motor with a 7.5Kw electronic variator.
• Adjustable rotation speed from 20 to 160rpm.
• Stainless steel electrical box.
• Stainless steel rotor and 90mm polymer stator.
• Stainless steel Archimedes screw.
• Asymmetrical stainless steel hopper (L: 800mm, W: 850mm, H: 400mm, capacity: 100L).
• Stainless steel oenological cones for connecting hopper/ stator and stator/spherical couplings.
• 40mm mason drainage tap.
• Tilting and reversible handling arm.
• 120mm male spherical coupling.
• Stabilisation stand.

Additional equipment

• 4-sided hopper extension (100mm, 300mm, 500mm)
• Level probe

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