Five Distinct Benefits of Densimetric Sorting

Densimetric sorting, a technique born in the 1930s, has evolved into a cherished asset in winemaking. Let’s explore its key advantages in the context of crafting exceptional wines:

1. Purity of Elements:

Densimetric sorting skillfully separates healthy grapes from undesirable debris like leaves, stems, and unripe or overripe berries. This separation capitalizes on differences in density among these elements.

2. Enhanced Must Quality with SOCMA’s Densibaie®:

This method takes grape separation to an art form, removing unwanted substances. The result is an enhanced must quality that adds precision and complexity to the resulting juice.

3. User-Friendly Approach:

SOCMA’s Densibaie® is designed for ease of use. Its divided, turbulence-free bath and continuous combing system achieve material segregation with finesse. Additionally, its user-friendly design simplifies maintenance.

4. Faster Processing Times:

Densimetric sorting outpaces manual methods, achieving impressive throughputs ranging from 5T/hour to 10T/hour for the XL version.

(XL version)

SOCMA’s Densibaie®: A Standout Solution:

With the broadest range of applications in the market, the Densibaie® excels for both manual and mechanical harvesting. It serves as a segmentation or sorting tool, boasting straightforward mechanics that minimize breakdown risks and simplify cleaning.

With a maximum throughput of 5 T/hour (10 T/hour for the XL version) the Densibaie® ensures precise sorting based on quality and optimal berry ripeness.

From basic cleaning to segregating overripe berries and assessing varying alcohol content, the Densibaie® accommodates all berry selection needs.

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